Mildronate (Meldonium)
Meldonium - metabolic means, to normalize the energy metabolism of cells exposed to hypoxia or ischemia. The product is compatible with the energy metabolism of the heart and other organs. It is a white crystalline powder with a faint odor. Easily soluble in water.
Since 1984 meldonium allowed use in medicine.
Meldonium (Mildronate) - a structural analogue of the gamma-butyrobetaine - a substance present in every cell of the human body.Meldonium online
Under high load conditions mildronat restores the balance between demand and supply of cellular oxygen, eliminating the accumulation of toxic products of cell metabolism, protecting them from damage; It also has a tonic effect.Meldonium no Prescription
Therefore the use of the body gets the, buy Meldonium usa, ability to resist stress and restore the reserves of energy quickly. Because mildronat symptoms used to treat a variety of disorders of the cardiovascular system, the blood supply to the brain and the physical and mental improvement activities.Buy meldonium Australia
Buy Meldonium UK. As a result of a reduction in the concentration of hard gamma-butyrobetaine carnitine, which is synthesized is vasodilatory properties. In heart failure, it increases myocardial contractility, increases exercise tolerance, reduces the frequency of angina attacks. In acute and chronic ischemic cerebrovascular disorders improves blood flow in the ischemic focus, it offers redistribute blood to the ischemic area. E 'effective for vascular and dystrophic pathology bottom. The drug eliminates functional disorders of the nervous system in patients with chronic alcoholism during abstinence syndrome.
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