Our Programs
For 25 years SHARE has worked to create stronger, healthier communities through its mission of providing good, affordable food to all. Over the years, the needs of its communities have evolved. Opportunities to expand its reach to more individuals and families has led SHARE from its beginnings as the SHARE Food Package program to a leader in the food relief system providing an array of services. At its core, the SHARE Food Package program is larger than ever, but is now accompanied by emergency relief programs, fresh food packages, dinner and nutrition programs, and urban agriculture.

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SHARE Food Packages

Everyone deserves access to healthy, affordable food. Through the SHARE Food Package program, those willing to give their time to their community through volunteerism may access discounts on essential groceries.

  • Save upwards of 50% on groceries
  • Requires 2 hours of volunteerism
  • Open to everyone and anyone
  • High quality food multiple options

SHARE Food Packages

Farm to Families

Farm to Families, a program of St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, works in partnership with SHARE and other community-based organizations to address availability and affordability of fresh food throughout Philadelphia.

  • Local, healthy produce
  • Multiple size offerings
  • Half the price of a farmers market
  • Helpful cooking advice and recipes

Nice Roots Farm

Production right at the SHARE Warehouse, Nice Roots Farm is a growing operation that produces several thousand pounds of produce each year. Nice Roots Farm is also a member of the Growers Alliance

  • Urban agriculture support center
  • Grower and consumer education
  • Extensive production facilities
  • Increases access and variety to produce

Nice Roots Farm

Emergency Food Relief

Through programs such as TEFAP, State Food and CSFP, SHARE plays a vital role in providing food at no-cost to a network of organizations to the benefit of those most in need of food.

  • Supplemental food supply
  • Supply 550 cupboards in Philadelphia
  • Essential support for struggling families

Food Relief

Sunday Suppers

Dinners are an essential part of building healthy families. This program brings families together ever Sunday at Kensington Church.

  • Serving families in Kensignton
  • Wholesome and healthy meals freshly prepared
  • Builds strong, healthy families

Sunday Suppers