Montco Hunger Solutions
Emergency Food Package Distribution

We partner with faith-based and social service organizations in Montgomery County to help feed the hungry. There are 26 food cupboards, 7 soup kitchens and 3 shelters in our network and many more that we work with informally. Share Food Program directs the distribution of government food to each site and works with each site to ensure they meet state and federal regulations. We also will help with food donations. Please note: we do not distribute emergency food.  We will refer you to a local site as needed.

Eligibility In addition to meeting the income guidelines, to receive food from a food cupboard you:
  • Must be a resident of Montgomery County and show proof of where you live
  • Have not received government food within the past month. (Participants can receive government food once per month)
Income Guidelines Your current income should not exceed 200% of the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines.

Fees There are no fees for this service.  It is against the law for government food to be re-sold and sites may not charge money or require services in exchange for food.

phone: 610.628.2000

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Montgomery County Commissioners
Montgomery County Aging & Adult Services
PA Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Agriculture
Hunger-Free Pennsylvania
Private donors like you

Map of Montgomery County Food Sites


What Does the Program Provide?

If you live in Montgomery County and meet the income guidelines, you will be eligible for an emergency food package that will feed you and your family for an average of three days. Note: Some pantries may give additional food from private donations.


Program Background and Details

For more information about Pennsylvania emergency food programs visit the Pennsylvania Food Assistance website.

Contact Share for details on how to donate food and let your federal and state legislators know you support these programs.  It is the public/private/community partnership that makes this work.


This program helps improve nutrition for seniors and provides an important source of income for participating small farmers in Pennsylvania. The program is open from June 1st through November 30th for spending the checks, but distribution ends with the limited supply or September 30th, whichever comes first.

The checks are available to seniors aged 60 years or older sometime this year. Income eligibility is $22,459 or less for a single and $30,451 for a couple. These sites are for Montgomery County residents only. If you live in another county, please contact your local Area Aging office.

Contact 610.628.2000 for more information.